Event Security Providers

The following is a list of providers who are authorized to supply event staffing services at the OCCC. The event security provider firms listed below represent companies that are fully and properly licensed in compliance with all pertinent provisions of the Florida Statutes, the Florida Administrative Code and all other applicable statutes, ordinances and provisions of administrative law.

For planning purposes, listed below is a brief summary of security guidelines that are applicable to all lessees, exhibitors and attendees. These guidelines are described in greater detail in our Security Guidelines document for event planners.

  • Contracted Security Providers
  • Homeland Security Advisory System
  • Package & Vehicle Inspection
  • Severe Weather
  • Staff Identification
  • VIP and Government Dignitaries
  • Weapons Policy


Company Phone / Fax Email / Website
A Services Group, LLC Phone: 813-298-2243
Fax: 843-347-5275
Email: dlambert@AServicesGroup.com
Website: www.aservicesgroup.com
AACFP, LLC Phone: 407-427-4761 Email: kevin@acfp1.com
Website: www.ACFP1.com
AASE, LLC (formerly AS Events) Phone: 321-202-9882 Email: Tino@AASE1.com
Website: www.AASE1.com
Allied Barton Security Services, LLC Phone: 407-513-9961
Fax: 407-513-9968
Email: David.Kalser@alliedbarton.com
Website: www.allied-barton.com
Century Security & Event Staffing, Inc. Phone: 407-226-1168 Email: CHayward@centurytradeshow.com
Website: www.centurytradeshow.com
Contemporary Services Company Phone: 407-872-7444
Fax: 407-872-7439
Email: bpinkowski@csc-usa.com
Website: www.csc-usa.com
G4S Secure Solutions (USA) Inc. Phone: 407-207-3221 ext. 8
Fax: 407-207-6460
Email: steven.billips@usa.g4s.com
Website: www.g4s.us
Global Security Associates, LLC Phone: 516-414-0487
Fax: 516-414-0488
Email: bdavis@globaleliteinc.com
Website: www.globaleliteinc.com
Global Security Solutions, LLC Phone: 855-357-0413
Fax: 855-357-0413
Email: info@globalsecuritysolutionsllc.com
Website: www.globalsecuritysolutionsllc.com
HES Staff, LLC Phone: 407-423-7898
Fax: 407-472-4678
Email: semmert@HES-Staff.com
Website: www.hes-staff.com
King Intelligence & Security Services Phone: 954-624-2040
Fax: 954-653-9160
Email: Kaola@kingintellsec.com
Website: www.kingintellsec.com
National Security Associates, Inc Phone: 407-977-4505
Fax: 407-366-7594
Email: sonny@nationalsecurityassoc.org
Website: www.nationalsecurityassoc.org
Off Duty Services, Inc Phone: 281-346-2188
Fax: 281-574-8478
Email: scostello@offdutyservices.com
Website: www.offdutyservices.com
Reliable Security, LLC Phone: 877-858-1730
Fax: 770-858-1732
Email: reliable@reliablesecurityllc.com
Website: www.reliablesecurityllc.com
Simmons Investigative & Security Agency, Inc Phone: 240-375-0283
Fax: 866-610-9606
Email: jmcdeshen@simmonssecurity.com
Website: www.simmonssecurity.com
Southeastern Protection Services, Inc Phone: 407-567-8688
Fax: 407-315-0026
Email: ECSE@ecseprotect.com
Website: www.eastcoastprotectiveservices.com
Staff Pro, Inc Phone: 407-259-6259
Fax: 407-210-2199
Email: swilliams@staffpro.com
Website: www.staffpro.com
Summit Services Phone: 800-394-7775
Fax: 281-259-4178
Email: summitsvs@aol.com
Website: www.summitsvs.com
United American Security, LLC Phone: 407-203-6869
Fax: 407-203-6871
Email: joey.thompson@teamuas.com
Website: unitedamericansecurity.com
United Security Services, Inc Phone: 407-913-7940
Fax: 407-816-4170
Email: ksutton@unitedhq.com
Website: www.unitedhq.com
Universal Protection Service Phone: 407-622-5777
Fax: 407-629-1887
Email: travis.miller@universalpro.com
Website: www.universalpro.com
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