OCCC Rigging Guidelines

The Orange County Convention Center is the exclusive rigging service provider for show managers and exhibitors.  In order for the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) to provide the best possible service to our clients, the following rigging guidelines are applicable to all show managers, exhibitors and service contractors.

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• Seams

• Adhesive
• Column Descriptions
• Exterior Banners
• Hardware
• Manufactured or Custom Built Signs


  1. When using cloth material the seams need/seam needs to be double stitched on the top and bottom.
  2. Heat Seam is acceptable when hanging lightweight vinyl drape ONLY.
  3. If the vinyl drape were to be used as a drop down for a sign or banner, which would include a bottom batten to attach the foam core, sintra, or cloth/vinyl banner, we require double stitching on the vinyl drape due to weight considerations and possible failure of the heat seam.

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  1. Adhesive or glue tape is not acceptable due to the tendency of it to come loose under weight, especially with the heat and humidity at the Orange County Convention Center.
  2. The use of any type of adhesive for attaching signs, banners, or  decorations to the building walls or decorative surfaces (inside or outside) is NOT PERMITTED.

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Column Descriptions

Location Description Circumference 1/2 Circumference Height
Exhibit Hall A/B Exhibit Hall A/B Columns 30'1" 22'5" 37'
Exhibit Hall C Exhibit Hall C Columns 16' N/A 28'
Exhibit Hall C Walkway Exhibit Hall C Walkway Columns 16' N/A 17'
Exhibit Hall E Exhibit Hall E Columns 9'7" N/A 29'
Exhibit Hall North Exhibit Hall North Columns 28'4" 22' 37'
Exhibit Hall South Exhibit Hall South Columns 28'4" 22' 37'

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Exterior Banners:

Banners to be installed on the exterior of the building must be designed with the elements in mind.

Click here for diagram of banner

  1. The banner must be constructed of a material that allows the wind to flow easily through it. If the banner is made of vinyl, construction wind pockets must be cut into the banner, or we recommend the use of a 70 percent mesh material for banner construction.
  2. Banners must have grommets horizontally along the top and bottom of the banner at a minimum of 18 inches to 2 foot intervals.
  3. Banners must have grommets vertically placed along both sides of the banner at a minimum of 48 inches if the banner is 8 feet tall or greater.
  4. All edges of the banner will be folded over, glued and double stitched, and preferably webbing reinforced before installation of the grommets. All  mesh banners will be webbing reinforced in between all folds before grommet installation.
  5. The grommets in the corners will be reinforced due to this area handling most of the stress in the banner.
  6. Banners must be made of lightweight materials.
  7. The material should be water-resistant so there will not be a substantial increase in weight when it becomes wet.
  8. All banners are subject to removal without notice in the event of SEVERE WEATHER NOTICE.

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  1. The manufacturer must rate all rigging hardware for a "Working Load Limit".
  2. The Manufacturer of the rigging hardware must be legally liable for its products in the continental United States.
  3. All wire rope slings 3/8" and larger must be Certified and Proof Tested (tested to twice its working load limit).
  4. Flemish eye construction is preferred for all wire rope slings 3/8" and larger.
  5. The OCCC Rigging Section reserves the right to substitute hardware on a case-by-case basis at our discretion.

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Manufactured or Custom Built Signs:

  1. All signs must be well-made and in good condition to be suspended.
  2. All drawings, diagrams, etc. must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the event. 
  3. All signage is subject to on-site inspection for final approval.
  4. An Engineers Certification may be required under certain conditions.
  5. All hardware and equipment must be approved by the manufacturer for overhead suspension.

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