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Orange County Convention Center Facts

North/South Building

  • Just this building’s exhibit hall is 22 acres under roof, which would fit 200 NBA sized basketball courts.
  • The North/South Expansion took 27,000 tons of steel. The Gateway Arch in St. Louis is made of 5,199 tons of steel.
  • The Operable Partition Panels equal 1.65 miles making them the largest operable partition system in the world.
  • There are 130,000 Cubic Yards of cast in place concrete that equals 410 miles of sidewalk. That is the same distance to Key West from Orlando.
  • Over 900,000 blocks were used to build the North/South Building, which is enough to build 125 (1600 sq. ft.) homes
  • Laid end to end, the 140,000 LFT of precast and stone columns would measure 40 miles, which is 2.7 times longer than the Walt Disney World Resort Monorail.


West Building

  • The main span of the Brooklyn Bridge (all 1,595 feet) could fit inside the West Building’s contiguous exhibit space, which is 2,500 feet in length.
  • The Valencia Ballroom has more square feet than the White House. This ballroom can hold events for up to 6,000 people.
  • More than 50 miles of pilings have been driven into the ground to support the West Building. There are 1,105 pilings under Hall A. Ranging in length from 105-488 feet, the average piling is 170 feet in length.

OCCC By The Numbers

Total Square Footage

Total: 7 million

West Building: 4 million

North/South Building: 3 million


Exhibit Space

Total: 2,053,820 sq ft

West Building: 1,103,538 sq ft

North/South Building: 950,282 sq ft


Meeting Room Footage

Total: 479,190 sq ft

West Building: 313,140 sq ft

North/South Building: 166,050 sq ft

Meeting Rooms

Total: 74 rooms

West Building: 49 rooms

North/South Building: 25 rooms


Breakout Rooms

Total: 232 rooms

West Building: 138 rooms

North/South Building: 94 rooms


Parking Spaces

Total: 6,227 spaces

West Building: 1,450 spaces

North/South Building: 4,777 spaces
(1,380 unpaved spaces)

Valencia Ballroom

West Building: 62,182 sq ft


Linda W. Chapin Theatre
At The Orange County Convention Center

West Building: 2,643 seats


Lecture Hall

West Building: 160 seats

Food Courts

Total: 8 food courts

West Building: 4 food courts

North/South Building: 4 food courts


Loading Docks

Total: 174 dock slips

West Building: 97 dock slips

North/South Building: 77 dock slips


Center-to-Table Gardens

2,000 sq ft of aeroponic gardens

81 towers

3,564 plants

OCCC Exclusive Service Partners

Business Center: FedEx Office

Catering & Concessions: Centerplate

Internet, Telecommunications & Wi-Fi: SmartCity

Digital Signage: Xpodigital


OCCC Preferred Service Partners

Audio Visual: LMG, Inc.

Bag/Coat Check, Remote Skycap & Valet Parking: BAGS


OCCC Gold Key Attraction Partners

Universal Orlando Resort

SeaWorld Orlando

Walt Disney World®


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