The Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) Security team’s mission is to provide a safe and friendly environment for everyone. The Center maintains 24-hour security, overseeing all public areas, concourses, back-of-house areas, parking lots and related exterior grounds. Additionally, the team maintains an extensive relationship with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, as well as many federal law enforcement agencies. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office assigns deputies to the facility on a regular basis.

Review the tabs below for more information or email with any questions or inquiries.


In the event of an emergency, please dial 911.


For non-emergencies, dial ext. 5-1119 from any house phone for the Security Command Center. The security division can be contacted from outside the convention center by dialing (407) 685-1119.

Lost & Found

For lost and found, contact Show Management (event organizers) during the event or contact OCCC Security at (407) 685-1119.


The Security Command Center is located at Dock 7 in the OCCC West Building and has an on-duty staff seven days a week/24-hours a day. OCCC Security Officers are uniformed with the majority being first aid and CPR/AED qualified.

Locations of first aid stations are listed below. Availability of first aid stations is dependent upon event activity.

West Building First Aid Rooms

  • Med 1 – Located near W240
  • Med 2 – In front of Hall WD2 (W224)
  • Med 3 – In Central Lobby (Hall WC)
  • Med 4 – Level 1 Lobby (below Hall WA)

North/South First Aid Rooms

  • Med 5 – South A–Dock Side
  • Med 6 – South B–Concourse–Level 2
  • Med 7 – North B–Dock Side
  • Med 8 – North A–Concourse–Level 2

Orlando Health Virtual Care Center ‐ In Central Lobby (Hall WC)
In partnership with Visit Orlando and Orlando Health, a new Virtual Care Center inside the Orange County Convention Center is now open located in the West Building, near Central Lobby. medical providers will be able to evaluate medical conditions for attendees during large conventions. The Virtual Care Center will be staffed by an Orlando Health team member who can help triage the needs of those visiting the Center. If minor care is needed, the Orlando Health team member can help connect visitors to a medical provider via a virtual visit in the Center's private room. Learn more.

As a major metropolitan area, Orange County is home to industry-leading healthcare experts. Should your stay here require medical attention, the nearest hospital is:

Orlando Health Dr. P. Phillips Hospital

9400 Turkey Lake Road
Orlando, Florida 32819
 (407) 351-8500

Ensuring guest and employee safety is a cornerstone of operations at the OCCC. Our Emergency Procedure Plan was developed with the OCCC’s core value of safety in mind. It is intended to be a blueprint for the effective management of a crisis or disaster situation at the Center.

Clients must, at all times, conduct their activities with full regard for public safety. The OCCC asks for client assistance by supporting the procedures outlined in the Emergency Procedure Plan through cooperation and active listening in the event of an emergency. It is critical that, as facility users, all clients review this plan with their staff and their contracted event security service provider.

Emergency Procedure Plan (PDF)

OCCC Code of Conduct provides general guidelines regarding the OCCC’s expectations of contractor employee conduct including, but not limited to ESCA Badged employees, while working on OCCC property. It is not intended to address every situation or behavior that may occur. The OCCC reserves the right to impose appropriate remedial action for any inappropriate conduct not specifically covered in this code. The OCCC is the final authority on the interpretation of this Code of Conduct and on decisions relating to violations of the Code. This Code of Conduct is designed to help ensure all contractor employees working in the OCCC conduct themselves in a professional, courteous, and respectful manner at all times. It applies to all contractors working anywhere on OCCC property. Violations of the rules contained herein, as determined by the OCCC, may result in violators being removed from OCCC property in their work capacity. Certain egregious violations may result in law enforcement intervention and/or the individual being trespassed from the property.

  1. OCCC Identification: All contractor employees are at all times required to wear an OCCC or Exhibitor Services Contractor Association (ESCA) issued identification badge on their outermost garment, in a conspicuous location on their person, while working at an OCCC facility. Upon request and as a requirement to be issued an OCCC ID, all employees and contractors working within, or on the grounds of, an OCCC facility must carry on their person a current and valid government issued photo identification (e.g., driver’s license)
  2. Access to Work Areas: The appropriate routes to and from the work areas is through the West Contractor Check-In (9800 International Drive), and the North and South Contractor Check-Ins (9400 International Drive).
  3. Inspections: Vehicles entering any of the fenced, loading dock areas of the OCCC may be subject to a visual inspection in, under, or around the vehicle. Staff may request for consent to further inspect the internal portions of the vehicle. Any refusal to consent to an internal inspection may lead to the vehicle being denied access to the loading dock areas. Contractor-employees who are granted access to OCCC through nonpublic entry ways may be denied access or egress through those entry ways should designated OCCC staff, in its sole discretion, determine it is in OCCC’s safety and security interest to do so. Contractor employees, though not required to, may voluntarily share any compelling information to alleviate OCCC staff concerns.
  4. Unauthorized Vehicles: Unauthorized vehicles are prohibited from parking arbitrarily on OCCC property. This includes the loading dock areas and along Convention Way.
  5. Equipment Operation:
    1. Non-Motorized Equipment: Operation of all un-motorized equipment is prohibited from the exhibit hall and loading dock areas, unless otherwise required because of a disability or medical condition. This includes but is not limited to scooters, bikes, skateboards, or any other like means of transportation and/or recreation.
    2. Motorized Equipment: Operation of all authorized, motorized, workrelated equipment on OCCC property must be done in a safe manner in accordance with the appropriate license for each specific piece of equipment. All motorized equipment license(s) must be OSHA approved and must follow the OSHA guidelines. All motorized equipment license(s) must be in the possession of the operator at all times while working at OCCC and available upon request. All motorized, non-work-related equipment is prohibited from the exhibit hall and loading dock areas, unless otherwise required because of a disability or medical condition.
  6. Violence: Fighting, physical violence, attempted physical violence, intimidation, creation of a disturbance, horseplay, disorderly conduct, or the use of abusive language towards another is strictly prohibited.
  7. Harassment: The OCCC is committed to providing a work environment that is free from harassment in any form, including sexual harassment. All forms of harassment against another are strictly prohibited. Individuals are required to immediately report any OCCC-related harassment or sexual harassment which they experience or observe to the Security Division at OCCC, or to their employer. Reports of harassment will be taken seriously and will be investigated and dealt with appropriately. Any retaliation against those who report suspected violations is strictly prohibited. Retaliation must be reported immediately to the Security Division so that the OCCC can investigate promptly and take the appropriate action(s).
  8. Weapons: Contractor employees are prohibited from possessing firearms or weapons of any kind while working in, or on the grounds, of OCCC, unless otherwise authorized by OCCC as necessary, workrelated equipment.
  9. Theft: Theft, attempted theft, misappropriation of property or the aiding/abetting of such acts is strictly prohibited.
  10. Drug & Alcohol-Free Workplace Policy: The OCCC is a Drug and Alcohol-free workspace.
  11. Solicitation of Tips: Solicitation or accepting tips, gratuities, or property is strictly prohibited.
  12. Access to Events: No one may use their identification badge, uniform, or position as a means of admission into any event at the OCCC, unless that person is assigned to work in that area.
  13. Client & Exhibitor Work Interference: No contractor employees may approach or interfere with the work of the clients of the OCCC or exhibitors for the purpose of mandating specific labor work requirements. Any issues regarding work rules must be addressed with Contractor assigned management.
  14. Signs, Banners, and Handouts: Contractor employees are prohibited from distributing programs, pamphlets, fliers, or other like materials, that are not otherwise a necessary function of an OCCC in-house event, during working time, or inside or on the grounds of any OCCC property not otherwise designated for such a purpose or considered a traditional public forum (e.g. an Orange County sidewalk). Contractor-employees likewise are prohibited from participating in protests or demonstrations during working time, or inside or on the grounds of any OCCC property not otherwise designated for such a purpose or considered a traditional public forum.
  15. No Smoking: By State Law, the OCCC is a smoke-free facility.
  16. Reports to the OCCC’s Security Division: Every contractor employee working on OCCC property is required to report to the Security Division the following: damage to any property or equipment; any unsafe condition or activity; any emergency such as fire or medical emergency, and all accidents involving physical damage to individuals’ property or equipment.
  17. Violations: Those contractor employees who have been removed from OCCC in their work capacity cannot return in a work capacity until such time that the contract employer has contacted and consulted with OCCC’s Security Division and OCCC has subsequently approved the contractor employee’s return. Those contractor employees trespassed from OCCC property may only return to the property upon approval from the court and/or the County.