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In 2015, the state of Florida saw its trade income reach a value of $300 billion U.S. dollars. The World Trade Center Orlando has been at the forefront of this movement, assisting thousands of individuals as well as local, national, and international businesses seeking to capitalize on Florida’s blossoming trade economy.

With the opening of the Panama Canal and the constant influx of businesses, Florida is projected to continue developing at a rapid pace. We hope that you will take the time to consider joining our network of more than 130 businesses in the greater Central Florida area.

  • A World Trade Center (WTC) brings together business and government agencies involved with international trade, provides essential trade services, and stimulates the economy of the region it serves.
  • There are 330 WTCs in 103 countries with more than 1 million members globally.
  • A WTC provides prime access to all services, organizations and individuals essential for success in world trade.
  • World Trade Center facilities attract much more business movement.
  • A World Trade Center is considered a modern shopping center for traders. By combining a wide variety of services in one place, importers, exporters, transportation agencies, ethnic restaurants, and others create a thriving center of world commerce for its region.
  • Record of World Trade Center License valued at millions (USD)
  • World Trade Centers are among the highest identity projects in the marketplace
  • WTC name and services are a strong draw for international ten-ants, which enhances both rental rates and occupancy levels
  • Many WTC projects include hotels, conference and exhibition facilities, attracting out-of-town business clientele
  • Positive fiscal impact on the host community
  • Access to the use of services, facilities, and assistance from all WTC locations
  • Up-to-date trade information such as market research, contacts and statistics
  • Trade education with networking meetings, international business seminars, trade shows, and one-on-one appointments between local and foreign firms
  • Inbound and outbound trade missions
  • Use of temporary office space
  • Use of meeting & conference facilities
  • Privileges at WTC private clubs
  • Regional & global exposure with WTC online, newsletters, publications, and event sponsorships
  • Distinct brand that translates into premium real estate address, associated with state-of-the-art facilities


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